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Ntc Data Pack – The Lattest Data Pack With Price And Activation details

ntc data package unlimited
ntc data pack code

Nepal Telecom Provide Data Pack Service To Different User As Per CDMA, GSM Postpaid And Prepaid Customer With Different Segment The Data Uses Structure Is Based On Volum Of Uses Its Count In MB And GB A Sort Period And Long Period Of Month Here Are All Of Data Tariff And Plan Explained You Choose Which Data Plan Suitable For You And Subscribe As You Like. But Using Mobile Internet Is Expensive Than FTTH Network We Recommended To Use A Broadband Internet Service Better Than Mobile Internet.

Sing A Mobile Data Package, You Can Get An Affordable Data Tariff Than That Of Pay Per Usage. This Post We Include All The Latest Ntc Data Pack From All-Time, Day Time, Night Time And Unlimited.

We Customize Data Pack As Below

  • Day Data Pack
  • 1 GB Per Day Data Pack
  • All-Time Data Pack
  • Night Data Pack
  • Unlimited Data Pack
  • Social Media Pack
  • Streaming Data Pack
  • 4G Data Pack

Here You Need To Understand When You Buy A Big Data And Short Period You Find Out Chip Rare But When You Boy Low Data Volume And Maximum Validity You Need To Pay High Rate Of Low Data Volume Its Depend On Your Dada Uses Requirement

FOR PACKAGE SUBSCRIPTION DIAL *1415# GSM Users Can Subscribe Various Offers By Dialing *1415# Or By Sending SMS To 1415 With Appropriate Subscription Code As Listed Below. However, CDMA Users Need To Send SMS To 1415 With Appropriate Subscription Code For Package Subscription. The Details Of The Various Offer Are Given Below.

All Tariffs Are Inclusive Of All Government TaxesAll These Offers Are Valid From 30th Aswin 2076 For Next 90 Days.

A. Day Data Pack 

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
10 80MB 24 Hrs Type DATA80MB And Send SMS To 1415

B. 1GB Per Day Data Pack

This ALL-TIME Pack Is Valid For All GSM &CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid)Customers. User Can Subscribe This Pack At Any Day Of The Week.

Price(Nrs.) Data Validity Subscription Code
45 1GB 1 Day Type 1D1G And Send SMS To 1415
250 7GB 7 Days Type 7D7G And Send SMS To 1415
850 28GB 28 Days Type 28D28G And Send SMS To 1415

C. Unlimited 1Hr Pack

Description Price(Nrs.) Validity Subscription Code
UNLIMITED (VOICE, SMS & DATA) 20 1 Hour After Pack Activation  Type FDPACK And Send SMS To 1415

Note: Voice And SMS Inside NT-NT Network Only. Single Subscription Allowed At A Time.

D. All Time Data Pack

This ALL-TIME Pack Is Valid For GSM &CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid) Customers.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 28 1 Day Type DATA28MB And Send SMS To 1415
25 200 1 Day Type ECO100MB And Send SMS To 1415
30 90 3 Days Type DATA90MB And Send SMS To 1415
60 250 7 Days Type DATA250MB And Send SMS To 1415
100 500 7 Days Type ECO500MB And Send SMS To 1415
240 1500 28 Days Type DATA1500MB And Send SMS To 1415
500 4500 28 Days Type DATA4500MB And Send SMS To 1415
700 12288 28 Days Type DATA12GB And Send SMS To 1415

E. Night Data Pack

This Night -TIME Datapack Is Valid For GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid) Customers..This Pack Can Be Used From 11:00 PM To 6:00AM.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
9 125 1Night Type Night125MB And Send SMS To 1415
250 5000 28 Nights Type Night5000MB And Send SMS To 1415

F. Unlimited Night Data Pack

This UNLIMITED NIGHT DATA Pack Is Valid For GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)Customers. The Pack Can Be Used From 11PM- 6AM.  Users Can Enjoy Full Speed Up To 1 GB Per Night And After 1 GB Throttled At 256 Kbps Unlimited.

Description Price(Nrs.) Pack Validity Subscription Code
Daily Unlimited 15 1 Night Type NUNL And Send SMS To 1415
Weekly Unlimited 85 7 Nights Type UNL7 And Send SMS To 1415

G. Social Media Pack

nepal telicom social media data pack  active and subscribe now

This pack Is Applicable For All Time Use And Is Valid Forgsm/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)Customers. This Pack Can Be Used On Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, And Twitter application. Users Are Recommended To Use The Official Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp And Twitter Android/IOS Application While Using This Data Pack.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
6 36 1 Day Type FB36MB And Send SMS To 1415
30 190 3 Days Type FB190MB And Send SMS To 1415
60 400 7 Days Type FB400MB And Send SMS To 1415

H. Streaming Data Pack

This Pack Is Applicable For All Time Use And Is Valid For GSM/CDMA(Prepaid And Postpaid)Customers. With This Data Pack, Nepal Telecom Customers Can View Youtube Videos And Live TV Streaming From The WOW TIME APP.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 150 1 Day Type YT150MB And Send SMS To 1415
30 400 3 Days Type YT400MB And Send SMS To 1415
60 900 7 Days Type YT900MB And Send SMS To 1415

The Best Upcoming Smartphone On 2020 In India


This New Years 2020 Is Too Many Flagship Smartphone And Budgets Martphone Are Coming In Market The Market Top Leader Smartphone Manufacturer Are Waiting Send Their Product In Market The Latest Technology Are Used In Upcoming Smartphone That Feels Great In User Experience Of Users

Here Is The List Of Upcoming Smartphone In 2020

Vivo S1 Pro

The China One Of The Best Flagship Smartphone Manufacture Company Vivio Are Announced A 4 Juanwary To Launch The Product In India Vivo S1 Pro Has Amoleddiplay Bit In India 6.38 Inch Fhd Display Decided To Launch.

Xiaomi Mi Note 10

Xiaomi Upcoming Smartphone Is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Is World First 108 Mp Camera Smartphone This Device First Time Lanch In China With Model Mi Cc9 But Now Lanch  World Wide With Mi Note 10  But Company Did Not Clear When This Product Available In Market.

Honor 9xs

Honor Upcoming Smartphone Is Honor 9xs Wich Feature Is Finished Greadiant Back Cover And Android Uprating System

With Google Play The Smartphone Screen Size Is 6.59 And Oled Display With 48 Mega Pixel Smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S11 And S11plus /S20

The Samsung Upcoming Smartphone Is S11 Or S11plus With 5g Technology

Oppo Find X2

The Oppo Company Upcoming G Smartphone Is Oppo X2

Search engine Google released its list of the most searched topics on Google 2019


Google has made the list of the most searched genres in Google search engine public as Global List of Top Trending Search.

This year India Versatile South Africa became the most searched topic on Google worldwide. This title may have been searched on Google in regards to the cricket game between India and South Africa.

Hollywood actor Cameron Bose is ranked second in the ‘Overall’ category in Google search. The third place is ‘Copa America’ and fourth place is ‘Bangladesh Versus India’. The fifth most searched topic on Google is the iPhone 5.

the top trending searches on google 2019

1) India vs South Africa
2) Cameron Boyce
3) Copa America
4) Bangladesh vs India
5) iPhone 11
6) Game of Thrones
7) Avengers: Endgame
8) Joker
9) Notre Dame
10) ICC Cricket World Cup

Here are the top five most searched topics in the news genre:

Copa America

Notre Dame

ICC Cricket World Cup

Hurricane Dorian

Rugby World Cup

The most sought after individuals are:

Antonio Brown


James Charles

Jussie Smollett

Kevin Hart

The most searched movies in the movie genre were:

The Avengers: Endgame


Captain Marvel

Toy Story 4


the most searched topic on the news in US categories is here :
1) Hurricane Dorian
2) Notre Dame Cathedral
3) Women’s World Cup
4) Area 51 raid
5) Copa America
6) El Paso shooting
7) Sri Lanka
8) Government shutdown
9) Equifax data breach settlement
10) California earthquake

Huawei operating system is 60 percent faster than Android

  • After Google prohibits using its operating system Android, Chinese smartphone company Huawei is bringing its own operating system to Hong Kong and it’s a suite of Google Play Store.

Hawwawee’s claim has been claimed to be as fast as 60 per cent faster than the Android operating system.

According to printed news citing the global Times, Hong Kong, which will be launching soon, will be faster than Google’s Android operating system.

According to the news, companies such as xiomi and the party have begun sending their employees to test their operating system in Huawei.  Now all of these companies have been using Android on their smartphones.

New operating system at Hyavway’s Mate 30

Global Times writes in its news, “Huawei is testing its operating system together with Internet giant companies and home-based smartphone companies.  This new system will be launched for a few months. “

Wind with Mate 30 smartphones is likely to be launched with this new operating system.  At the end of this English year, plans have been made to bring Hong Kong operating system-smartphones.
Huawei calls app developer to join with our developer community.

Huawei has recently requested a trademark of its operating system, even in at least 9 countries and Europe.  Means while, Huawei has appealed app developers around the world to make their app public in-app gallery of Hanging Operating System.  The goal of creating an app gallery by inviting Google’s Play Store.

South China’s Morning Post in the beginning of the week published a report including detailed details of this operating system of Hawaii.  According to the report, the operating system based on Microkernel.  Which is very less space and is more secure and easy to stay.

Ncell 4G services with double data pack – Browse fast and affortable data


Ncell Pvt Ltd. has brought attractive plans to data for its clients, under which customers can enjoy double-door data with high-speed internet services in mobile and computer. with a double data plan.

According to Ncell, the subscriber of the Nelsel customer will receive the bonus data volumes as a bonus in the purchase of data packages that are timed out for seven days and thirty days.


It has been said that it was released on Thursday (Thursday). Within two weeks after the announcement of the forward service expansion in more than 1,000 places of the country, Ensel has brought a plan for the fare data bonus, ensuring modern mobile connectivity at more accessible rates.

Under this scheme, 500 MB data for seven days have been expired, and purchase of 3 GB data in thirty days, customers will get the same as Volume-equivalent

For example, if the customer is purchased at Rs. 453.30 with 3 GB data tax, which is thirty days of time-consuming, bonus form will get an additional 3 GB forfeited data. In this offer, the customer will enjoy 6 GB data on charges of 3 GB data.

Likewise, customers of Nelsel will get 500 MB for free data bonuses in the purchase of 500 MB packaged days. Customers of Encel can make 500 MB packages, including Rs. With this offer, the customer will take advantage of 1000 MB data for the cost of 500 MB.

To gain the benefit of Bonus under this scheme, the handset should support the handset with the customer, at the SIM sim and forward network. Data that can be used on seven days or thirty days or days, can be used on any network of volumes, blogs or forums, and bonus data can be used only on the external network. Encel has expanded its forward service to more than 1,000 locations in the country.

Encel customers can dial the extras 17123, and enable the packaging data packed by seven days or thirty days according to their requirement. The customer will also be able to trigger this pack from SMS. Seven days’ packages will be sent down to 75 and send SMS in 17123 if typing 355 will be able to start the thirty-day packaging by sending SMS in 17123.

Ensell said that the company is pleased to bring this bonus plan to benefit customers from the importance of Nepal’s largest forklift network. The Nepalese Fourth Network will contribute to the implementation of the Central National Broadband Policy to increase access to the government’s digital Nepal framework and broadband forwarding and high-level Internet services.


Gajjabko Data Pack Ncell 4G services with double data pack

Data Volume Data Volume 4G Total Data Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes)  Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
75MB 75MB 15                  4.15         19.15
200MB 200MB 35                  9.69         44.69
500MB 500MB 1000MB 75               20.77         95.77
3GB 3GB 6 GB 355               98.30       453.30

The 4G only data can be used with a 4G supported SIM and handset and while in 4G coverage.

For 30 days Gajjabko data packs, once the purchased volume is consumed you can browse the internet at just Rs.1 per MB (exclusive of taxes) until the validity of the packs. For other Gajjabko packs, standard PayG rate of Rs. 2.75 per MB (excl. taxes) will apply once the purchased volume is consumed. It is always recommended to surf the Internet by buying Internet Pack by dialling *17123# as you get the best rates.

Sahi Data Pack Ncell 4G internet services with double data pack

Validity Data Volume  Video bonus Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes)  Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
1 day 0.75 GB 60 mins for 1 day 39 10.8 49.8
3 days 2GB 60 mins every day for 3 day 99 27.41 126.41
7 days 4GB 60 minutes every day for  7 day 199 55.1 254.1
30 days 16GB 60 mins/day for 30 day 799 221.24 1,020.24

Under Sahi packs, once the purchased volume is consumed you can browse the internet at just Rs.1 per MB (exclusive of taxes) until the validity of the packs. It is always recommended to surf Internet by buying Internet Pack by dialing *17123# as you get the best rates.

With all Sahi data packs, you get 1-hour free video streaming/download.

1 hour video streaming also works with YouTube, iflix, all Ncell video portals and other Google services like Google Play, Maps, etc.

Introducing YouTube Go for the first time in Nepal. Download YouTube Go and watch or download your favourite videos in the quality you want.

Daami Data Pack


Validity Data Volume Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes) Govt. taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
1 day 220MB 19 5.26 24.26
3 days 0.5GB 49 13.57 62.57
7 days 1GB 89 24.64 113.64
30 days 5GB 449 124.33 573.33

For 30 days Daami data packs, once the purchased volume is consumed you can browse internet at just Rs.1 per MB (exclusive of taxes) until validity of the packs. For other dami packs standard PayG rate of Rs. 2.75 per MB (excl. taxes) will apply once the purchased volume is consumed. It is always recommended to surf Internet by buying Internet Pack by dialing *17123# as you get the best rates.

Ramro Data Pack

Validity Data Volume (3G/4G)  Data 4G only Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
1 day 35MB 35MB 9 2.49 11.49
3 days 120MB 120MB 29 8.03 37.03
7 days 300MB 300MB 69 19.11 88.11
30 days 1300MB 1300MB 269 74.49 343.49

The 4G only data can be used with a 4G supported SIM and handset and while in 4G coverage.

For 30 days Ramro data pack, once the purchased volume is consumed you can browse internet at just Rs.1 per MB (exclusive of taxes) until validity of the packs. For other Ramro packs standard PayG rate of Rs. 2.75 per MB (excl. taxes) will apply once the purchased volume is consumed. It is always recommended to surf Internet by buying Internet Pack by dialing *17123# as you get the best rates.

Internet surfing rate without subscribing any package:

All Prepaid tariff Rs. 2.75/MB
Pro Premium Rs. 2/MB
Pro Plus Rs. 2.75/MB
Pro Classic Rs. 2.75/MB

All the charges mentioned are exclusive of government taxes.

(Government taxes include: 13% TSC and 13%VAT)

Facebook Packs

Choose from the available Facebook packs and use Facebook.

To buy dial *17115#

Validity Facebook Data (can be used any time of the day) Bonus Facebook Data – Night (can be used from 10pm to 6am) Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
1 day 20MB 20MB 9 2.49 11.49
7 days 140MB 140MB 49 13.57 62.57
30 days 600MB 600MB 149 41.26 190.26

You can choose either one time Facebook pack which will be deactivated once the validity is over or you can choose the service with auto-renewable feature with which the pack gets automatically renewed for your convenience once the validity is over.

You can update your status, chat, message, upload and share pictures, watch Facebook videos (and not from YouTube and other third party sites) and do everything in Facebook with the Facebook pack. You can use Facebook pack via official Android and iOS apps and through in laptop and other devices. Facebook pack is now also available in Opera mini 4.4 and above.

Not only this, if you consume all the data in the Facebook pack, you can still use Facebook at Rs. 0.99/MB within the pack validity period.

All the charges mentioned are exclusive of taxes.
(Government taxes include :- 13% TSC and 13% VAT)

Unlimited Internet Pack

Now always stay connected with Unlimited Internet. Get more Internet at the same price.
Unlimited Internet is an Internet pack where you get Unlimited Internet for a period of 30 days at a fixed cost. We have three packs available for Unlimited Internet valid for 30 days from the date of activation.

30 days Pack Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
1GB data 699 193.55 892.55
5GB data 1999 553.52 2,552.52
10GB data 2999 830.42 3,829.42

When you are within your pack limit (e.g. within 1GB for Rs.699 Unlimited Internet), you can expect speed of up to 3G – depending on where you are. Even if you cross your pack limit (over 1GB for Rs. 699 Unlimited Internet), you can still continue to surf at 32 kbps for the rest of the pack validity date for free or you can instantly purchase a new pack to enjoy 3G speed again.

  • You can either choose to activate your unlimited internet every month by activating one time packs but if you want automatic activation, you can activate recurring pack options. If you have a recurring pack, a new pack will be automatically activated once the current pack validity expires and the remaining data in the old pack will be accumulated over to the new pack. But if you have a one-time pack, you need to buy a new pack within the validity period to accumulate the remaining data. Else, the remaining data will collapse after the expiry date.
  • You can use Unlimited Internet for browsing in your mobile phones, tablets and laptops. The Internet usage includes surfing, chatting, watching videos, emails and any other activity of your preference. You can also download anything you want when you are within your pack limit (e.g. within 1 GB for Rs. 699 (Unlimited Internet). After exceeding the pack limit (e.g. over 1 GB for Rs. 699 Unlimited Internet, you will not be able to use torrents.
  • You can also buy any available monthly Internet pack even if you have purchased unlimited internet pack except daily pack and Facebook pack. You can use the Unlimited Internet using your mobile SIM on your any mobile device, laptop or computer. This pack is not valid for Ncell Connect.

All the charges mentioned are exclusive of taxes.
(Government taxes include: – 13% TSC and 13% VAT)

Data Pack for Ncell Connect

With Ncell Connect, enjoy Ncell 3G, the fastest internet in Nepal in your desktop or laptop computer or tablet anywhere with the following packages.

Volume Rate (Rs.) (excl. taxes) Govt. Taxes (Rs.) Total Price (Rs.)
500MB 399 110.48 509.48
1000MB 699 193.55 892.55
5000MB 1999 553.52 2552.52

To buy through SMS type “Volume” and send to 9009.
For eg: to buy 5000MB type 5000MB and send to 9009
To send SMS, go to the text menu in your Ncell Connect software.
To know the status of the pack type ‘status’ and send SMS to 9009.

Please note: GPRS session pulse in 10KB.

Google pixel 4 – the upcoming pixel phone dual front and rear camera


the Company did not Announced officially of pixel 4 phone also did not talk about features variant , design of pixel 4 but some leack report are pixel 4 launched in October with 6 GB ram with new powerful snap drigon 855 processors .the one of leak also about design is may be po

Why Google’s surprise Pixel 4 tease raises the stakes

In this image leak variant of pixel 4 XL design the same as Samsung galaxy S10 +. This Mobile comes with the dual selfie camera that is integrated with hole design techniques. Google already launched the latest model of pixel phone is picel3A, pixel 3A XL, and now turn a pixel 4 series.

google pixel 4

Google previous month launched in Market new pixel 3 and pixel3 XL but we are waiting to see what about different between pixel 3 XL and pixel 4 as comparing design, features, camera quality, and processer just wait October when officially launched we know what is the price of this phone…

the official released images in here

Create youtube channel and make money online


today’s Modern Era, who does not know about Youtube, many people have Earning a big amount from YouTube and also get popular on the internet . am also planning to upload a video of all my video to the tutorial on Youtube that helps me To earn extra money from Youtube,but it is important we must have a YouTube Chanel and good subscribers .YouTube is largest online video platform for sharing the video on YouTube community ty So in today’s post we will know how to create Youtube Channel? And earn money online.

how simple make money online from youtybe ?

Well, if you don’t know how many social media websites and App are in market but the ones that are most popular is Facebook, WhatsApp, Youtube, Google+,
LinkedIn, Twitter In all these Social Media Platforms, Youtube is a platform where you upload or watch a video. Youtube is the Completely Video Streaming Website and video and banners ads serving by Google adsense. You need to upload your video and get monetize to earn from video advertisement, affiliate, promotion, and others.

money earning apps in nepal

Social Media is a very good option to be associated with you in today’s times, but sadly, we just want to stay connected to social media only. Not everyone has enough time to pick up a time to meet each other. But if you get to meet your friends by the time, then they think how quickly they go from here! If you are a Social Media User, you can easily stay connected with your Well Wishers, as well as promote your business and you find easily customer and grow your business.
What is YouTube?
How to Create a Youtube Channel Step by Step?
You must have a Gmail account to create a youtube channel if you don’t have a Gmail account you first create your accounts flow our. Step by step guideline. Hope you have successfully created your Gmail account and you are ready to create a YouTube channel.
Step 1: Go to Right Click on the Button to Log In Click Login. Login with Gmail Id
Click on Sign in button and Login to Google Account
Sign in to your Google Account by filling in your Email Id and password.
Fill Your Email and Password
Step 2: You are now signed into YouTube.
Click on the option of My Channel in the Left Hand Side. If the option of My Channel is not visible, click on the three lines of the YouTube Logo in the left side.
Click On My Channel
Step 3: If you have already created a Google+ profile, your YouTube Channel will also be created. If not, then get ready.
If Channel is already created, you can edit its name.
Step 4: To create a new Channel, click on the logo logo created in the Right Top Corner which is your Account Profile Picture. Then click on the Gear icon which will be the Drop menu Open.
Create On Gear Icon
Step 5: Once you click on the Gear icon, you will see an option. Click on this link.
Step 6: After clicking, Next Screen will be something like this in front of you, which will create a new Channel and if you already have a Channel then its name will appear. You have to click on Create a New Channel.
Step 7: After clicking on Create a New Channel, in the screen you will see, type the name of the channel in the box in front of the brand account, in the name that you want to create a channel.
Step 8: After typing the Channel Name, click on Create.
Congratulation Your Channel has been created. Be sure to read the post below to upload a video.

Monetize enable eligibility 

You must get 4000 Hours of Watch Time and 1000 subscribers in past 365 days and you channel did not get any community strike and copyright infringement to violet and low and privacy policy of Google and YouTube community guideline you must upload your content under the supervision of YouTube team.

redmi note 7 sold out in a minutes in china

China’s company Xiaomi recently launched Redmi Note 7, a new smartphone under Redmi. The 48-megapixel rear camera has a special feature of Redmi Note 7. On January 18, Redmi Note 7 had another flash cell and this phone was sold within a few minutes. Earlier, on January 15, 100,000 units of this smartphone were sold in just 8 minutes and 36 seconds in the first flash cell.

redmi note 7 sold out in minutes online sell

redmi note 7 sold out in minutes in China 

Redmi Note 7 has been launched in three storage variants. The base variant of this phone with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage costs 999 yuan (about Rs 10,500). The phone’s 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage variants are priced at 1,199 yuan (about 12,600 rupees). While its variant with 6 GB of RAM and 64 GB of storage is priced at 1,399 yuan (about 14,700 rupees).

Shaomi has already said that he wants to sell 10 million Redmi Note 7 smartphones by the end of January. The number of mobile phones sold in the second cell of Redmi Note 7 is not yet revealed. However, several hours before the second flash cell was launched, 400,000 units of Reservations for Redmi Note 7 reached Jingdong (

If you talk about features, Redmi Note 7 has a 6.3-inch full HD + LTPS display that comes with Corning Gorilla Glass 5 and 2.5D Curved Glass Protection. The phone works on the 2.2GHz octa-core Snapdragon 660 processor. With this micro SD card, you can extend the storage of this phone up to 256GB. Dual camera setup is provided in the rear of the phone. There are 48 megapixels and 5-megapixel cameras in the back of the phone. At the same time, a 13-megapixel selfie camera with Ai Souper on the front of this smartphone.

what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?



Today word changed in online everything you find on internet done through the internet. The internet makes our life easier we are using different services through mobile and computer.
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
Online shopping, ticket booking, recharge, bank payment, online payment, pay the bill, pay government bill, investment, buy a property, company registration, buy a life insurance policy, buy a share, others different job did get done through the internet. The people are attracted in browsing the internet and also the market research also focus to get a marketing campaign on the internet and sell the maximum products and services to the customer.

If you see the behavior of new generation customer who knows about the power of digital word he must search the products and services on online after that he make a plan to buy it even online or offline. One research has given the report on a consumer behavior before buying a product 80 % shoppers who search for products online and make a decision about the products and services.

what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

what is Digital Marketing?
The products and services selling through digital technology called digital marketing it’s done through the internet we connect through mobile, computer, laptop, web site, mobile apps, email, and others it helps to business institutions get a wide range of customer in effective cost and give a complete data of each visitors that advertised network are target of different methods to get a marketing campaign on the internet and sell the maximum products and services.
A simple word digital marketing is a way to get a high businesses possibility to get a wide range of customer.

The importance of digital marketing?

The modern age market changes in digital plate form everything can buy and sell online it’s a big opportunity for business institutions and also for a customer it’s effective marketing strategy customer can choose a product and service with wide range and time-saving with get a bumper discount offer the different festival are big offer on online shopping site that sells the million of products in 24 hours. It’s not a possibility in the traditional market because of many technical problems are fasting in the traditional market to get a wide range of customer in effective cost.

Future of digital marketing

what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

he one general thrust changing is the low of world everything things is changeable we can call here nothing are the permanent basis when you compare the today and just 10 ago you will find a wide range of changes in technology and people daily life.
The internet makes a community here people are share thought and personal experience with family friends and others every people are connected each other and communicate with each other share the live chats and video conference immediately where maximum people engaged dally must be market want to inter there and get business.
Digital Marketing is today fast-growing market the businessman who makes a product and easily sells their products and services to customers and everything is traced by business institutions through the internet.

1. The 4 Ps of marketing is products; price; place; and promotion. The last is promotion it’s mean the market last part of promotion of products and services that get done through the different methods nowadays the social media and video sharing ,smartphone is most usable things the people dally expending time on social media attest 2/3 per day some people are gone maximum but it’s average of people that connect with internet community they are browsing social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest linked in, and YouTube for videos platform these social networking and video sharing site are supported advertising campaign and earn a good income from advisement.

And also the user who visit there he must be watching ads and buy a product and service to online here both have profitable business customers get a good and quality products and businessman get a customer and grow each other.
The type of digital marketing

what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

First, we need to clarify that the digital has done through the internet. The businessman posting the advertisement on a website and customer click the web pages and get information about products and services after that buy a product and service. We are to go to discuss the type of digital marketing.

SEO ( search engines options)
SEO is the technology to rank your website in top of search engines like Google and get a high traffic source it’s the technical skill to rank your keywords in the search engine and optimization your website as search guideline.

what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?
what is digital marking and its impotans for business and consumer ?

2) social media
Social media is a collection of the website where people share life months with family and friends the power of social media with in house get a million view like on post. When we are browsing the system show the ads on a page and done marketing.
3) Email marketing

The company products and services sell through email call email marketing become of many companies giving an offer through the internet and it’s a simple way to get marketing.
4) youtube Channel

The social media plate from where the company sells the products and services to Target customers using youtube. The video plate form YouTube are effective marketing platform where the company makes a video of products and services put on YouTube.
5) Affiliate marketing
The website, blogs, or link that products and services get business from you and got successful after that you have a commission called affiliate marketing. It’s a good income source for a blogger and website create also for a business institutions to get a final customer.

6 ) PPC marketing

PPC is denoted that pet per clicks it’paid marketing campaign to show the advertisement on the payment basis some of sent or amount pay to advertising company when user click the link and successfully get on the website it’s simple. It’s not deducted any extra money for impressions that means your ads are live and did not click any person on your website link you don’t need pay to money for your campaigns.
7 ) apps marketing

The mobile apps marketing is a way to to get a higher customer own your app where company makes a app publish on play store and app store to download and start selling services through mobile it’s the very effective way to marking.
The final discuss

Digital Marketing is the best way to grow your business it’s profitable for seller and buyer.T he consumer wants to best and quality products in affordable prices and seller want to sell a product and service high quantity that generate a high income here are two major different the business institutions who already track the customer and give him different offer and prices attractive design clean user friendly interface also support to marketing. 
It makes a good relationship with business institutions and consumer to show all the things public and under the user control even track the order and pay the amount after home delivery it helps to get user satisfaction.

search engine on page optimization in SEO

On page optimization is also known as onsite an optimization in this methods we optimization our website according to search engines guideline it’s effect your website listing in natural result according to Google algorithms panda 4.0 On page optimization is 35% role In white hat SEO.
search engine on page optimization in SEO
On page optimization techniques
If your website is ranking one particular keyword in top result of search engine rankings but my website have any technical problem or not responsive it takes a too much time to open any pages the user not depends time on our website. The Google automatically down the ranking our website because of Google want problem-solving products article and reference so you focus to good design with SEO friendly and attractive design clean menu and analyze your website.
Keyword analysis
The keyword is simple a user types a words/ parishes to find our some results on search engines it’s called keyword it’s also important for our business purpose we must focus to niche keywords related to our business or website if you business institutions have an agricultural product you must choose you to name related agricultural name. You must buy a domain from the related name of your business and rank your website.
Competition website analysts
If your website is rank in 2 no of search engines ranking on This keywords best agricultural services in Nepal. You, competitor, are rank in first you analysts this site use different tools that are available in the market you find a free tool also for the website to get the best result you can use ahref / sameush/ small SEO Tool as you budgets and also free.
Tag optimization
The tags optimization means Google is the focus to index your tag like that <h1> to <h6> to use to present your keywords in your post, pages, the different type of tag optimization like as meta tag,

title tag, alt tag, heading tag, bold and etc.