Nepal Telecom Provide Data Pack Service To Different User As Per CDMA, GSM Postpaid And Prepaid Customer With Different Segment The Data Uses Structure Is Based On Volum Of Uses Its Count In MB And GB A Sort Period And Long Period Of Month Here Are All Of Data Tariff And Plan Explained You Choose Which Data Plan Suitable For You And Subscribe As You Like. But Using Mobile Internet Is Expensive Than FTTH Network We Recommended To Use A Broadband Internet Service Better Than Mobile Internet.

Sing A Mobile Data Package, You Can Get An Affordable Data Tariff Than That Of Pay Per Usage. This Post We Include All The Latest Ntc Data Pack From All-Time, Day Time, Night Time And Unlimited.

We Customize Data Pack As Below

  • Day Data Pack
  • 1 GB Per Day Data Pack
  • All-Time Data Pack
  • Night Data Pack
  • Unlimited Data Pack
  • Social Media Pack
  • Streaming Data Pack
  • 4G Data Pack

Here You Need To Understand When You Buy A Big Data And Short Period You Find Out Chip Rare But When You Boy Low Data Volume And Maximum Validity You Need To Pay High Rate Of Low Data Volume Its Depend On Your Dada Uses Requirement

FOR PACKAGE SUBSCRIPTION DIAL *1415# GSM Users Can Subscribe Various Offers By Dialing *1415# Or By Sending SMS To 1415 With Appropriate Subscription Code As Listed Below. However, CDMA Users Need To Send SMS To 1415 With Appropriate Subscription Code For Package Subscription. The Details Of The Various Offer Are Given Below.

All Tariffs Are Inclusive Of All Government TaxesAll These Offers Are Valid From 30th Aswin 2076 For Next 90 Days.

A. Day Data Pack 

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
10 80MB 24 Hrs Type DATA80MB And Send SMS To 1415

B. 1GB Per Day Data Pack

This ALL-TIME Pack Is Valid For All GSM &CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid)Customers. User Can Subscribe This Pack At Any Day Of The Week.

Price(Nrs.) Data Validity Subscription Code
45 1GB 1 Day Type 1D1G And Send SMS To 1415
250 7GB 7 Days Type 7D7G And Send SMS To 1415
850 28GB 28 Days Type 28D28G And Send SMS To 1415

C. Unlimited 1Hr Pack

Description Price(Nrs.) Validity Subscription Code
UNLIMITED (VOICE, SMS & DATA) 20 1 Hour After Pack Activation  Type FDPACK And Send SMS To 1415

Note: Voice And SMS Inside NT-NT Network Only. Single Subscription Allowed At A Time.

D. All Time Data Pack

This ALL-TIME Pack Is Valid For GSM &CDMA (Postpaid/ Prepaid) Customers.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 28 1 Day Type DATA28MB And Send SMS To 1415
25 200 1 Day Type ECO100MB And Send SMS To 1415
30 90 3 Days Type DATA90MB And Send SMS To 1415
60 250 7 Days Type DATA250MB And Send SMS To 1415
100 500 7 Days Type ECO500MB And Send SMS To 1415
240 1500 28 Days Type DATA1500MB And Send SMS To 1415
500 4500 28 Days Type DATA4500MB And Send SMS To 1415
700 12288 28 Days Type DATA12GB And Send SMS To 1415

E. Night Data Pack

This Night -TIME Datapack Is Valid For GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid) Customers..This Pack Can Be Used From 11:00 PM To 6:00AM.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
9 125 1Night Type Night125MB And Send SMS To 1415
250 5000 28 Nights Type Night5000MB And Send SMS To 1415

F. Unlimited Night Data Pack

This UNLIMITED NIGHT DATA Pack Is Valid For GSM/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)Customers. The Pack Can Be Used From 11PM- 6AM.  Users Can Enjoy Full Speed Up To 1 GB Per Night And After 1 GB Throttled At 256 Kbps Unlimited.

Description Price(Nrs.) Pack Validity Subscription Code
Daily Unlimited 15 1 Night Type NUNL And Send SMS To 1415
Weekly Unlimited 85 7 Nights Type UNL7 And Send SMS To 1415

G. Social Media Pack

nepal telicom social media data pack  active and subscribe now

This pack Is Applicable For All Time Use And Is Valid Forgsm/CDMA (Postpaid/Prepaid)Customers. This Pack Can Be Used On Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, And Twitter application. Users Are Recommended To Use The Official Facebook/Instagram/Whatsapp And Twitter Android/IOS Application While Using This Data Pack.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
6 36 1 Day Type FB36MB And Send SMS To 1415
30 190 3 Days Type FB190MB And Send SMS To 1415
60 400 7 Days Type FB400MB And Send SMS To 1415

H. Streaming Data Pack

This Pack Is Applicable For All Time Use And Is Valid For GSM/CDMA(Prepaid And Postpaid)Customers. With This Data Pack, Nepal Telecom Customers Can View Youtube Videos And Live TV Streaming From The WOW TIME APP.

Price(Nrs.) Data (MB) Validity Subscription Code
12 150 1 Day Type YT150MB And Send SMS To 1415
30 400 3 Days Type YT400MB And Send SMS To 1415
60 900 7 Days Type YT900MB And Send SMS To 1415


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